Service Call hotline number: 0371-67575157 or email:
Dajia remind you sincerely:
1, If your device is faulty, please call 0371-67575157 and provide the serial number of faulty equipment.
2, If you are dissatisfied with our services, or you need business consulting , please call 0371-67575157 or +8615617816797.
specific services as follows:
First, technical services:
1) To provide users with equipment, technology consulting, propose the best suitable machine type, plane arrangement and equipment installation site the basic requirements and technical solutions, in order to give the reference selection for users.
2) Scheduled for sold equipment proceed installation, commissioning and acceptance, to debug the best process parameters according to the technical requirements.
3) Provide free equipment maintenance technology service for life.
4) Responsible for equipment necessary organization and implementation of technical renovation and upgrading after a long run, to make the equipment in the best operating condition.
Second, technical training for users:
1.Provide equipment instructions and user technical guidelines,including equipment technical description, installation, commissioning and routine process parameters.
2.To conduct pre-sale and after-sale theory practical training for the user operating personnel , issued training certificate to the qualified personnel,t ensure that they are able to operate independently.
3.Ready to answer, solve the difficult problem when the user encountered problems during the production and maintenance .
Third , machinery spare parts supply
Our company provided for the user equipment parts for long time, ensure the normal operation of equipment (man-made damage and loss items excluded).
At last, paid subscription services
1, If the components break down not artificial reason at shelf life,we will replace for free (materials, labor fees) , not charge any cost (excluding consumables). Due to human causes system failures, our company will charge the cost of materials, labor costs and travel expenses waived.
2, If the quality assurance period expires, the components break down, we will charge the cost of materials, . Equipment operating in the second year, on-site service will be charged the cost of materials, labor costs suspended. Third year on-site service will be charged on labor costs and travel expenses.
We hope that through our service to ensure that equipment is in good sold and control state, make the company provides equipment running efficiently, to create the best value for users.
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